BULLET - My 1986 GMC Caballero (El Camino)



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All of this info is from 2004 and has to do with when we first got started in drifting:


GOAL:  To have fun drag racing, auto-xing, drifting, and hopefully track days.  To hang out with friends and meet new people.   Just good old automotive fun.  Turning into a Drifting only business.

BACKGROUND: Chevrolet made El Caminos were made from 196? to 1987.  GM owns both Chevrolet and GMC,  and so the Caballero is GMC's version of the El Camino.  The only differences are cosmetic.  El Camino is Spanish for 'The Road' and Caballero means 'Cowboy'.  Caballero's are just rare and unknown El Camino's.  While considered a truck, their towing capacity is not as high as a full size truck.  Most of the parts and drivetrain are shared with other G-bodys (Monte Carlo's and Malibu's).  The El Camino has a long, 117 inch wheelbase.


BULLET:  It got it's name from a few bullet holes it had in the tailgate (and as a play on words because it was very slow).  The previous owner was a security guard at a school.  Coming home from work one night in his uniform (looks like a police officer), while the gas station across the street was being robbed.  The robbers saw the uniform and thought he was a police officer, so they opened fire on him.  He was ok, but the El Camino got a few .44 slugs in the tailgate.


My dad (loves El Camino's) got Bullet several years ago for $750, it was sitting in somebody's front yard in Baytown.  It was all stock, and had not run in several years.  We cleared the critters living in it out, did a few things to it and got it running.  We used it as basic transportation for several years, doing only what maintenance as was needed to keep it moving (no A/C or headliner, etc).  He gave it to me several years later, and I used it as a beater and for hauling junk around.  After my bike wreck I decided to get back into cars, at first I was going to build a ricer / beater RX7 , but I decided to do the El Camino instead.  I like El Camino's and already had many of the parts I needed.  I have around $5,000 total in it (that and have done all of the work myself (and some friends helped some)....and a legend was born :)

How did we get into drifting? I have been auto-xing it with my friend Derrick Rogers several times, and we drifted it at a practice event with some friends last fall. I let my friend Derrick enter it in the drift event, and he won.

Bumper was removed for weight after I got rear-ended

It's been fun to drive, it's been the little beater that could


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