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What is Drifting?

   Drifting is a high skill, high powered motorsport that calls for drivers to control a car while it slides sideways at high speeds through a marked course. It is similar to rally racing, but is done on a closed paved course. It is judged on execution and style rather than just who finishes the course the fastest, similar to skateboarding and freestyle motocross. The sport caters well to spectators and is exciting to watch.

   2004 was the first year of the Formula Drift series- the first national drifting championship series in the United States. Drifting is a fast growing motorsport, with a growing fan base and many corporations vying to take advantage of the attention.


Why Sponsor Drifting?

   Low expense for high exposure. The cost of competing in drifting is much less than most other forms of motorsports, while it enjoys large viewership and media coverage. Many national magazines have covered drifting (including Hot Rod, Modified Mag, etc.). The competitions of the 2005 season will be televised. Events are very well attended (often selling out the entire venue), DVD sales of events are popular, events are talked about on the internet, and merchandise sales are brisk.  Click HERE for Formula Drift media packet including demographic data.


Who is Bubba Drift?

   Bubba Drift, based in Texas, has developed a reputation for drifting domestic vehicles. We have nearly two years of drifting experience and more than five years experience in competitive motorsports. We have traveled around the country competing in drift events.

   We are an organization that is made up of professionals and automotive enthusiasts. We have skilled and courteous drivers. The owner is a mechanical engineer and our media coordinator manages marketing. We also manage our own mechanical and fabrication work at our shop, Horseplay Motorsports.

   For the 2005 season we will field two cars: the 1986 El Camino and a 1973 Datsun 240Z with a Nissan V8. We are an experienced drift team that has secured an exclusive spot in the 2005 Formula Drift season among America's best sponsored drift teams.

Team Manager

James Evans

Veteran Driver

Derrick Rogers

Rookie Driver

Mike Peters

Why Sponsor Bubba Drift?

   We have developed a track record that shows we command significant attention for our sponsors, both at events and through media outlets. We have a successful history of sponsorship, and our sponsors from last season will continue their support for the 2005 season.

   Many companies have already recognized the value of sponsoring a drift team, and even more see the incredible potential for consumer exposure in the upcoming 2005 drift season. Now that the American professional drifting leagues are entering their second season, there are only a handful of teams that can claim a sponsor-qualifying background. With Bubba Drift, your sponsorship will be carried with the assurance that goes with an established history of accomplishments and media exposure.


Media Exposure Projections for the 2005 Season

   Drifting as a motorsport is growing at an exponential rate. 2004 saw the appearance of the very first professional American drifting series, Formula Drift, and the reception was far greater than predicted. Even though drifting has yet to reach the majority of motorsport enthusiasts, most of the inaugural season Formula Drift competitions sold out of spectator tickets.  Click HERE for Formula Drift media packet with information on ticket sales and promotions for the 2004 season.

   The 2005 season will see an increase in professional league drift activities, an increase in media coverage and enthusiast attention. Slipstream Global's Formula Drift series has already established itself in it's inaugural season, and it will be back in 2005 with a six event championship that will bring drifting to large cities across the country. Formula Drift has also teamed up with CART Champ Cars to bring drifting awareness directly to an established motorsport viewership. The 2005 Formula Drift Championship series will be televised, with additional off-track coverage of the top teams.

   Other established drifting series and events will also be vying for media attention. D1GP, RS*R, and Drift Show Off are just a few of the organizations that will be bringing drifting to cities across the country.


2005 Events and Locations

April 16 New Jersey
May 7 Atlanta, GA
June 11 Houston, TX
July 9 Sonoma, CA
August 6 Chicago, IL
August 27 Los Angeles, CA



Daily Drifter, Texas & Louisiana Events TBA


Sponsorship Packages:




*Our team name will be changed to include your company name.

*You get TWO cars and drivers for the price of one.

*A second vehicle will be chosen that will best represent your company by appealing to the demographic that you wish your products to be marketed toward.

*You may help us choose a design layout and colors that optimize your business logo on our car. The logo will provide a majority coverage on the car, and the design theme will be focused around it.

*The tow vehicle/trailer will also feature your business logo for additional exposure.

*Driver uniform, crew uniforms and hats will all prominently display your logo and business name. *Merchandise will be made available for sale at each event we attend that will feature your business name and logo. This merchandise may include T-shirts and caps. We will also distribute free brochures and other promotional material that you provide.

*Our pit area will feature a tent and banners that prominently display your business name and logo.

*The car and team will be made available for appearances in your company's promotional events and advertisements.

*Your company name and logo will be featured at the top of every page of our website, with a link to your company's official website.

*Full sponsorship acknowledgement both on and off the track. On-track acknowledgements are made over the public address system during events. Off-track acknowledgments are made in all media and press releases.



(Parts and/or Cash Sponsorship)


*Our car and tow vehicle/trailer will display your company's name and logo. Several size and placement options are available.

*Driver and crew uniforms and hats will display your logo and/or business names.

*All promotional material and merchandise made available by our team will feature your company as a primary sponsor.

*Your company's name and logo will be prominently displayed on the front page of our website, with a direct link to your company's official website.

*Media and press releases acknowledging and thanking you for your sponsorship.

*Your sponsorship will be announced over the public address system during events.



(Parts Sponsorship)


*Your business will be listed as a sponsor both on the car and on the tow vehicle by decals featuring your business name and/or logo.

*Your business name and logo will be listed as a sponsor in promotional brochures available at our pit/booth area at all events

*Your business will be listed on our website as an official sponsor, with a direct link to your official website.


We are flexible and can tailor options to meet your needs.


For more information please contact:

James Evans



Horseplay Motorsports

5565 Tabor Road

Bryan, TX 77808



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